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Commissions and Limited Edition Prints


Limited Edition Prints


Certain sizes of Limited Edition prints wil be noted and promoted as such, with the availability of these prints coming directly from the source, which is me in this case. These pieces will remain available until the total number noted have been distributed, not including proofs.  (It's possible that numbered LE prints may be distributed to the odd resale outfit if my work fits thier criterion, although there would likely to be pricing variances if purchased from them, if this is the case.)  In all cases, once the numbers are satisfied, that will be it, there will be no more produced. It's a good idea to ask if "any" certain number  of the piece you like is available, which may add to the personal sgnificance of the piece if it is to be a gift.



 Commissions and Special Projects


Any form of commissioned work requires a great deal of thought and planning from each of us.

Due to the highly personal nature of unique work, it is important for me to ensure that what it is that you are considering having done will have the effect you want for today, and to remain long after we are gone.  A portrait of your father, for example, will outlive all of us, and would be passed on to your children, and in turn their children...so the photo selected for the portrait would be the utmost importance (i.e.) NOT the photo they took before he went down for 15-20 for the bank job...y'know?


Commissioning this sort of work isn't  like buying some new boots or  lawn furniture. It is a special purchase that deserves all the care and attention reserved for the most special of lifes' occasions. The time expended on a unique piece is the duty of the artist, and it is here that will determine whether the work and time expended will be a piece of art, or "just" a drawing that looks like someone you know. Whether or not I must do the piece more than "once", it is my guarantee that you will love it when you see it...and... you  won't  see it until I am satisfied that you will.

This type of art doesn't lose "value", doesn't go out of "style", doesn't "depreciate", nor do you "tire" of it. In fact, if you look at it from a daily cost perspective, it is only the first day that is the worst. Day two is now half price, and day three is now a third. What happens is, is that over the months and years, the initial "price", (which has dwindled to pennies per day), will have long been forgotten, while the treasure that it has become will also become more and more evident...so much so, that it may be the ONLY thing you will go back into a burning house to get.

This all may be just a little dramatic, but you get my point. There are very few purchases one can make that have the slimmest of chances of surviving the next 5 years, let alone the next generation, and barring a flood or a meteorite impact, a generation(s) beyond. 

Any questions regarding commissions and/or special projects can be forwarded via email to dave@davewishartartstudio.com .

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