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Pricing and Availability


All pricing is dependent primarily by size. There are other factors which will determine a given price as well, namely, paper type and whether or not you would like a hand signed/authenticated/personalized piece. Rather than list a hundred different variables, here are some examples. For an exact quote of a piece that interests you, an email to wishart@davewishartartstudio.com will get your questions answered.


For a piece measuring 18" x 12" 

(Pieces this size and smaller are tidy and easlily framed for a desk, end table or a wall grouping)


a) Luster finish and matte/flat finish substrate with a digital signature........26.00

                                                                          hand signed signature  ......33.00


b) Heavyweight textured watercolor substrate with a digital signature......34.00

                                                                           hand signed signature ......45.00 


For a piece measuring 24" x 18"

(A size that will provide some visual punch on a wall. Matted and framed, they become most impressive.)


a) Luster finish and matte/flate finish substrate with a digital signature.....50.00  

                                                                            hand signed signature......66.00


b) Heavyweight textured watercolor substrate with a digital signature ....68.00

                                                                            hand signed signature .....90.00


For a piece measuring 36" x 48"            

(These are crazy large but look FANTASTIC if you have the place to put them. Dry mounting pushes the size to somewhere in the order of 15 square feet!)


a) Luster finish and matte/flat finish substrate with a digital signature......200.00

                                                                           hand signed signature.....265.00 


b) Heavyweight  textured watercolor substrate with a digital signature....270.00

                                                                           hand signed signature.....360.00



                **** Important notes on Pricing and Availability****


1) A "hand signed" piece is hand signed and dated by the artist, includes a certificate of authentication,  personalized with the name of the purchaser, dated, and also signed by the artist.


2) All shipping costs are over and above the listed pricing guide examples. Distance is always a factor, but "large" tubes seem to confuse the post office. Thier confusion seems to eased with higher prices, or so it seems. A courier service will be used when possible...they seem to get confused much less often.


3) Dry mounting is available for all work for an additional fee, size dependant. Shipping costs of drymounted work will get real goofy, real quick.


4) Pricing and availability are subject to change. There are far too many variables, many of which are not in my control, that prevent "forever pricing".


5) An additional note on "Availability". Your interest in the purchase of any of my work is truly humbling, and I thank you for that, even if that is all that it is...an interest. Please do realize that reproductions of any "Portrait" works are strictly unavailable, unless authorized by the owner of the face in the portrait.


6) Heavywight textured paper  is a polyester/cotton blend at 420GSM At 20ml thickness. The luster paper is an 8 mil, resin-coated photobase, microporous coated paper with superior pigment color gamut.


7) Please respect copyrights. All watermarking and identifying markings will not be on purchased artwork.

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